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CBD Coffee - 8oz (250mg CBD)

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Start your day with Colombian Supremo Whole Coffee Beans infused with  Hemp-Derived CBD.  The beans used for Green Roads CBD Coffee come directly from Huila, a department in southern Colombia that is renowned for producing the most exquisite coffee beans in the world. Grown in rich volcanic soil and a lush climate and then soaked in broad spectrum cannabidiol.  Green Roads CBD Coffee is sure to become one of the best parts of your day.      

CBD Coffee 
  • 8 Oz Ground Coffee Beans
  • 250mg (15.6mg of CBD/tbsp)

Suggested Use:  Brew 2 level tablespoons of ground coffee beans per 6 Oz water. Caffeine naturally present in coffee beans.

Ingredients:  Excelso Colombian Supremo Ground Coffee, 250mg Hemp-Derived CBD Extract