Lagom's CBD Tea Trial 3 Pack (Bedtime, Bliss & Bloom) - 45mg

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Lagom CBD Teas are organic, hand-crafted in small batches and THC Free!  CBD Tea Trial 3 pack contains 1 each of Bedtime, Bliss and Bloom - each individually wrapped tea bags containing 15mg CBD per bag.

Lagom Bedtime is a blend of organic chamomile and lavender that is caffeine free.  Both lavender and chamomile have multiple benefits including being natural sedatives.

Lagom Bedtime Ingredients: Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender Petal, MCT Oil, Water Soluble CBD Oil

Lagom Bliss is a low caffeine organic Jasmine Green tea blend with fresh jasmine blossoms. Enjoy the many benefits of green tea with an enchanting jasmine flavor!

Lagom Bliss Ingredients: Organic Jasmine Green Tea, MCT Oil, Water Soluble CBD Oil

Lagom Bloom is a non-caffeinated organic Orange Rooibos tea from South Africa that was derived from the thin sharp leaves of the Rooibos bush.  Along with it’s immune boosting properties from the organic orange peel, it is a great caffeine substitute! 

Lagom Bloom Ingredients: Organic Rooibos, Organic Orange Peel, MCT Oil, Water Soluble CBD Oil