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Wild Hemp Crossbody Bag/Backpack - Pure Himalayan Hemp (THC Free)

Wild Hemp Crossbody Bag/Backpack - Pure Himalayan Hemp (THC Free)

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Beautifully hand-crafted by Nepalese Women, this Hemp and Cotton Crossbody Bag/Backpack is made with Pure Himalayan Hemp and Heavy Duty Cotton. 

Completely versatile bag that converts from a convenient pouch, that is easy to store, into a crossbody bag and unzips into a full backpack. 

This bag is designed for any use including School, Hiking, Camping, Traveling or everyday casual wear!

For generations hemp has been used for numerous industrial applications.  Hemp is one of the strongest and longest lasting fibers.  Because of this industrial hemp (until the last century) was used as a main fiber in the production of various textiles including clothing, upholstery, apparel and shoes.  Hemp is a far superior fabric due to its natural characteristics which include being more durable, warmer, absorbent, anti-microbial and softer than other fibers available.

Purchasing this product helps support families in Nepal.

Measures 16" x 11" x 4"

*The irregularities and variation of color and texture of this fabric are characteristic of the fabric, adding to its natural beauty, and is in no way to be considered defective.

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